Are you currently living paycheck to paycheck?
If you lost your job tomorrow, how would you be able to provide for your family?
If you had a sudden medical emergency and had to be hospitalized or unexpectantly became disabled and had no other source of income what would you do?
The questions above are worst-case scenarios… let's talk about your desires.
What is something you would like to do but currently can not afford to do it, at this time of your life? How much of your life have you wasted away in a traditional job instead of living the life of your dream?
Are you waiting to retire to get to live your dreams?
What if you never live long enough to retire, look at how much time you are wasting by not being financially prepared?
What would you do if you did have the finances to do anything and live the life of your dreams?
Take a family vacation annually?
Go to a dream destination location on your bucket list?